Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get involved?

We would love to get more community members involved in our efforts to create parks in the Columbia Valley. We invite the members of our community to join our mailing list here to stay up-to-date on information and becoming involved in the park planning process! The easiest way to get involved is to come to a virtual meeting. We also encourage you to consider volunteering as a great way to contribute to your community.

You can also contact us by emailing or through the Contact Page.

When are meetings? How do I join?

CVPRD meetings are currently being held on Zoom and occur on the second Thursday of each month at 6:30PM and the third Tuesday at 5PM. To learn more about the topics of these meetings and get the link to join, visit our Public Meetings Page.

What is a parks district? How was it formed?

State law authorizes local communities to vote on the creation of a governing body with special authority to manage the acquisition, maintenance, and improvement of parks and other recreational facilities.

The CVPRD was formed by popular vote in November 2016 in order to address the desire for accessible parks within the area.

What is the purpose of the CVPRD?

The mission of the CVPRD is to improve the quality of life in the Columbia Valley by providing the community with access to diverse parks and recreational opportunities. In the coming years, we aim to provide the community with spaces to form new connections with one another and practice healthy habits. Specifically, we intend to build a series of small neighborhood parks within walking distance of all Columbia Valley residences.

Why parks?

Parks provide a multitude of benefits for community members. They promote increased health for people of all ages by offering accessible opportunities to exercise in green space, provide opportunities near homes for families and individuals to be outdoors, connect individuals to their community of neighbors, increase property values,  and support healthy behaviors and activities among youth and adults.

Currently, the nearest park is miles away for most residents and cannot be accessed easily or safely. For these reasons, the introduction of new parks to the area would be of great benefit. Studies have also shown crime is often reduced along with stress levels when unattractive properties become green parks. Parks are important because they benefit the health and prosperity of the local community and we are working hard to bring them to the Columbia Valley.

To learn more about the benefits of parks, visit the bottom of the Parks Page.

What is a comprehensive plan and where can I view it?

A comprehensive plan is a guiding document for the parks district. It contains information on the CVPRD’s history, the community it serves, goals for parks, community involvement, and implementation strategies. Some of this information can be found on the About Page. For more detailed information, please see our finalized plan.