In 2022, the Foothills Community Alliance provided a grant to the CVPRD to purchase land and build the first park in the district. This generous gift has allowed CVPRD to purchase an undeveloped piece of property at 7916 Sante Fe Trl in Maple Falls, WA.

With a little stream running through it, trees for shade and plenty of sunny space, this little park is going to be a jewel in our string of parks throughout Columbia Valley.

In the coming years, the CVPRD intends to build a series of small neighborhood parks within walking distance of all Columbia Valley residences. For more information, you can review our comprehensive plan here.

Community Input on Local Parks

CVPRD welcomes all community members to help us in the process of developing a parks system that provides recreational areas within walking distance of everyone in Columbia Valley. Join us at our public meetings to share your ideas!

Benefits of Neighborhood Parks

The 2006 article, “The Benefits of Parks” by Paul M. Sherer, released by the Trust for Public Land, outlines the many benefits associated with parks. Several of these benefits include:

  • Health Benefits: Research shows that people exercise more when they have access to parks. Regular physical activity reduces the risk of obesity, heart disease, hypertension, colon cancer, and diabetes, amongst other physical diseases. Exercise also promotes mental health by relieving symptoms of depression and anxiety, improving mood, and enhancing psychological well-being. Time spent connecting with the natural world improves both physical and mental health.
  • Property Value: Evidence suggests that parks and open space increase the value of neighboring residential and commercial property.
  • Environmental Benefits: Parks provide many environmental benefits. For example, trees and other landscaping reduce air and water pollution.
  • Social Development: Parks provide important social and community development benefits. They make neighborhoods more livable, offer recreational opportunities for all community members, including youth and families, and provide places where people can feel a sense of community.
  • Crime Reductions: Research supports that access to public parks and recreational facilities can lead to a reduction in crime. Shared park spaces increase residents’ sense of community ownership and stewardship, provide a focus for neighborhood activities, expose youth to nature, connect community members, and clean up and increase visitation to previously vacant lots.

The National Recreation and Park Associate (NRPA) shares the following infographic highlighting the benefits of parks and recreation:

The NRPA also states that “Parks and recreation are vital to our health and well-being and create stronger communities that can protect and better recover from environmental, social and economic challenges.”

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