About Columbia Valley Parks and Recreation District

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life in Columbia Valley by providing the community with access to diverse parks and recreational opportunities.

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Our District

The Columbia Valley is an area of outstanding natural beauty in the foothills of the North Cascade Mountains in East Whatcom County. The valley is surrounded by mountains, which contributes to its charming and isolated nature. Parks and recreational spaces are vital to the quality of life and sense of place for Columbia Valley residents.

Parks and recreation areas within our community will provide easily accessed designated spaces in which community members can engage with the natural environment alone or with their friends and families, connect with neighbors and develop stronger ties to the community.

The CVPRD consists of the Urban Growth Area in the map below and serves the Columbia Valley population.

CVPRD Comprehensive Plan

Our comprehensive plan for developing parks in Columbia Valley is available for review by the public. If you have questions about our comprehensive plan, please contact us at cvparksandrec@gmail.com.

Meet the Commissioners!

Carl Isom-McDaniel
CVPRD Commissioner Pos. #1

Carl is currently involved in several projects to improve the Columbia Valley area and enhance the lives of the people who live here. Of all the projects, he is most excited about the prospect of a series of parks in the area for all the residents to enjoy.  He plans to use the parks with his kids, grandkids, and great grandkids and to enjoy socializing with his wonderful neighbors.

Richard Whitson
CVPRD Commissioner Pos. #2

Richard Whitson has been working on several projects to enhance the community. He is looking forward to creating local parks, which he believes are one of the building blocks of a vibrant community.

Cindy Johnson
CVPRD Commissioner Pos. #3

Cindy has lived in the community since 2005. Her favorite outdoor activities include hiking, paddle boarding, skiing and snowboarding, and birding. She is looking forward to walking to her local park with her two daughters where she can meet more families in the community.

Melonie Ancheta
CVPRD Commissioner Pos. #4

Melonie Ancheta has lived in Columbia Valley since 2012. She has been an ardent proponent of building a strong, healthy and happy community for all residents of Columbia Valley. An educator for 43 years, Melonie believes nature is a rich learning environment, especially for children and she says, “The inclusion of recreation areas in our neighborhoods will increase the types of things we can learn, while also increasing the health and well-being of our community.”

History of the CVPRD

The CVPRD was formed by popular vote in November 2016 in order to address the desire for accessible parks within the area. While there are plentiful opportunities to access and recreate in open spaces in the larger Whatcom County, there are currently no parks and few recreational opportunities directly in the Columbia Valley.

In the coming years, CVPRD aims to provide the community with spaces to form new connections with one another and practice healthy habits. Specifically, the CVPRD intends to build a series of small neighborhood parks within walking distance of all Columbia Valley residences.

In January 2017, the five elected commissioners met on the 2nd Thursday at Kendall Chapel at 5 PM. After the first year, meetings were moved to the Peaceful Valley Country Club building. Commissioners continued to hold open public meetings at this established time and place until the COVID-19 Pandemic. These meetings are now held online. Please see our Public Meetings page for the most up to date meeting information. The community the CVPRD serves is always invited, encouraged, and welcome to attend these meetings.

During the summer and fall of 2020, the CVPRD developed a Comprehensive Park Plan, through community input process with the support of a partnership with Western Washington University’s Sustainable Communities Partnership, which is housed within WWU’s Office of Sustainability. This partnership was supported by a grant from First Federal Community Foundation.