Benefits of Parks for Adults with No Children

Welcome back to our series on the benefits of parks within the Columbia Valley community. Last week, we covered the benefits that parks bring to our elders. This week, we’ll be taking a look into the benefits parks bring to adults without children in our community. We hope to highlight that parks are not just places for families and children; CVPRD is working to create comfortable park environments for everyone!

Parks promote community wellness.
Getting outside and being active has become increasingly important nowadays since so many people have transferred their day-to-day activities inside. Having a park in the community provides a safe, comfortable, and convenient place for people to get fresh air and exercise. Spending time outside, enjoying the scenery, and connecting with neighbors boosts mental health. Having a park in your neighborhood also increases physical activity. Studies have found a 25% increase in people exercising outdoors weekly when a park is added near their neighborhood. Maintaining regular physical exercise is a great way to promote mental health wellness and reduce the chances of health problems later in life.

Parks are great for everyone’s environment. 
Columbia Valley is well-known for having a beautiful forest landscape, but there is always room for improvement! Whether you’re walking, biking, or taking a short drive in Columbia Valley the impacts of development are obvious; so much of our area’s green space is being cleared for new homes. Loss of green space and habitat presents a unique opportunity for preservation in our community. Parks are a great way to preserve the native plants and animals that residents care about in the community and help restore the impacts of development. When habitat is preserved for animals, such as native birds, residents are more likely to engage in other preservation activities since they can enjoy their presence. This opportunity to preserve natural beauty for ourselves, future generations, and wildlife by creating parks in our neighborhood will likely not come again. More information on the importance of preservation in our community will be coming soon in a future blog post!

Parks also provide an excellent opportunity to plant more trees in the community. A study about the air quality effects of trees in urban parks showed that one acre of trees drastically reduces the amount of pollution in the air. Adding more parks to the community truly brings new meaning to a “breath of fresh air.” 

The information from this blog post comes from the sources linked below. If you’re looking to learn more about how parks can bring you benefits, check them out!

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