Why Parks Matter to Jessica Bee III

Welcome to the third fond memory Jessica Bee has shared about why parks matter to her. This week we’ll be looking at a memory Jessica has about her children. Right now, Jessica has three teenage and two adult children.

When all of her children were roughly in their teen years, Jessica remembers that they were most excited when they had playground equipment they could engage with. CVPRD recognizes there are various kinds of park equipment, and not every park has to be centered on young children. CVPRD is devoted and committed to bringing neighborhood parks that will benefit everybody in the community.

Jessica shared that when her kids were teenagers, they would often organize get-togethers with their friends in parks. One time, her kids had a weekend game all the way in town at Cornwall Park, which is roughly a 50-60 minute drive away from Columbia Valley. Jessica shared that she recognizes that many of the parents in Columbia Valley juggle many responsibilities and may not have the time to transport their children that distance for a park.

Jessica believes that if there were more community parks in Columbia Valley, the local teenagers would have more opportunities to meet up with their friends. They could put on a play, plan out a sports game, train for the high school track team; the possibilities are endless. Jessica imagines how wonderful it would be if the teenagers in Columbia Valley could organize their own events and create their own experiences close to home.

Jessica believes that everyone in the community benefits when there are emotionally, mentally, and physically healthy people. Jessica recognizes that parks are not the only ingredient necessary for a happy and healthy life. Still, they do provide a special way to connect with one another and be physically well.

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