A Peek into the Park Planning Process Part 2

Imagining a Park Vision –

Welcome back to another peek into the park planning process. Last week we covered picking a property and evaluating the existing assets. This week we’ll dive into the next step – imagining a park vision.

There is a variety of different parks and equipment that CVPRD could bring to Columbia Valley. However, it is vital that we build parks that the community wants and needs. Park plans will vary depending on the property picked and the desires of the community. Once a property is picked, it’s up to us to collaborate with the community to determine what will change on the property. Will this park be more equipment intensive, or nature-based? 

Equipment intensive parks also vary in shapes and sizes. Members of the community could express the desire for children’s play equipment, or exercise equipment, or perhaps sports equipment? All three of these categories would play a different role in shaping the park plan. There are also different kinds of nature-based parks. There could be potential for paved paths, benches, or picnic tables. Or maybe members of the community would prefer a well-maintained nature park with no equipment whatsoever. Age groups are another category the community would want to consider. Do we want a park for children? Teens? Adults? Or maybe, a mix between several? That’s for everyone to decide and plan accordingly. The opportunities are endless, but community-based input is vital for a proper plan. 

Another thing to consider is budgeting and volunteering. Some equipment, such as a bike pump track, is more costly and it’s important to keep a budget in mind. However, with strategic prioritization, clear communication, and active participation these kinds of potential problems will either be resolved or compromised. There are many ways in which the community can volunteer their time to decrease the costs of park projects, which could in turn bring more desired assets to the future park. 

When it comes time for this step of the park planning process, CVPRD is looking into sending out surveys and hosting a meeting (either in person or online) to give everyone an opportunity to prioritize and collaborate. As always, everyone is always invited to the Park Planning Meetings that occur on the third Tuesday of every month at 5PM and regular meetings every 2nd Thursday at 5PM. You can visit our public meetings page at cv-prd.org to join. 

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