Introduction, Goals, and Objectives – CVPRD Comprehensive Park Plan

Welcome to the second post in our Comprehensive Park Plan series. Last week, we broke down what a general comprehensive plan and how one would typically be used. This week we’re going to take a deeper look into CVPRD’s very comprehensive park plan. The goal of this series is to familiarize everyone with the park plan and break it down in a meaningful way.

To improve the quality of life in Columbia Valley by providing the community with access to
diverse parks and recreational opportunities.

CVPRD Mission Statement

As you may know, the Columbia Valley Park and Recreation District came together in 2016 to find ways to bring parks and outdoor recreational opportunities to the area. Ideally, the activation of CVPRD will bring community members together through outdoor recreation in order to form new connections and strengthen old. There are many known benefits of engaging with the outdoors, so why not strive towards making outdoor recreational activities more accessible to the community?

It all starts with an idea – find a way to bring parks to Columbia Valley.
Then, the idea turns into an action – form a local parks and recreation district.
After that, the planning begins – Listen to the community, survey what we have and what we need, write down ideas, and set obtainable goals.
Once those elements are written down, you have the framework for a comprehensive park plan.

Below we have included a slideshow with the 5 main goals, and the subsequent actions to be taken to achieve those goals. These goals are located in the beginning of the comprehensive park plan and are intended to serve as a guide for future planning actions.

Goals are so important to clearly define and works towards because they are tangible achievements. In 6 years when CVPRD gathers with the community to draft the next version of the comprehensive park plan, it will be so beautiful to see what has been accomplished. Alternatively, it’s also helpful to reflect on what areas still need more focus and attention. Working towards shared community goals inadvertently impacts Goal 3 – Strengthen Community Connections. Together, we can create and work toward a shared community park vision.

Next week, we’ll take a look at two other chapters in the comprehensive park plan – Community Profile and Inventory. These chapters contain lots of demographics and data, but it’s our goal to turn that information into something meaningful. Stay tuned!

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