Benefits of Parks for Children Ages 5-12

Welcome back to this week’s Benefits of Parks post! Last week we covered the benefits parks bring to teenagers. Visit our website,, to view all of the parks’ benefits under the “District News/Events” page. This week we are looking at the benefits that parks have on children between the ages of 5 and 12. 

Parks benefit children’s mental health. 

For children to thrive, their mental health needs consideration. Studies have shown that access to parks has significant benefits for treating and coping with ADD and ADHD in children. Children with ADD/ADHD are more capable of focusing in school if they have green space to play in.

As any parent will tell you, children have so much energy! Public parks are a safe and fun outlet for all of their energy. If children have a designated place to get outside and play with their friends, their stress levels may also decrease. 

Parks promote healthy development in children

Climbing around and swinging on the monkey bars at a playground undoubtedly promotes muscle strength and coordination in kids. Researchers have found that playing helps children develop skills that they will need to thrive later on in life. One compelling study linked running in children to increased memory functions; Researchers found that the more children were able to run, the better they could remember facts or unique situations. Parks provide a safe place for families to bring their children to play and support their development as they grow. 

There are so many different benefits that parks bring to children; to learn more, feel free to visit the links below. The information from this blog post also comes from the following sources:

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