Benefits of Parks for Children Ages 0-5

Welcome back to this week’s Benefits of Parks post! Last week, we looked into the benefits of parks for children ages 5-12. This week, we’ll be looking at the benefits that parks bring to children younger than 5. If you’d like to see all of the posts from this series, they can be found under the “District News/Events” page on our website,

Parks encourage adventure and imagination for young children. 

Young children are naturally curious. Parks provide a safe and beautiful place for young children to let their imagination run wild. Playgrounds often hold various new sensory experiences for young children; woodchips, grass, soil, plastic, rubber. These materials tend to be new experiences for children, and exploring them can promote brain development and their sense of adventure. All of the young children in Columbia Valley deserve the experience of growing up near a park where they could have fun and gain new experiences. 

Parks promote social development in young children. 

It’s good for young children to be familiar with other children before they are sent to kindergarten. Families can take advantage of parks to socialize with their children. When children play with one another in parks, they learn important lessons about social norms—for example, getting along with one another, being patient and taking turns, overcoming shyness, and building friendships. Having these experiences bring positive emotional impacts to children and can even boost their self-esteem. It’s important that children in Columbia Valley have access to parks to have the opportunity for these experiences. 

There are so many other benefits that parks bring to young children; to learn more, feel free to visit the links below. The information from the post came from the links below. 

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