Intergenerational Benefits of Parks

Welcome back to the final Benefits of Parks post! So far, we have covered the benefits of parks from elders to young children. If you’d like to read those posts, you can find them on our website,, under the “District News/Events” page. CVPRD is committed to bringing parks to Columbia Valley. With that, they want to make sure that Columbia Valley has various parks that serve everyone in the community. Today, we’re looking to bring this series full-circle by looking into the intergenerational benefits of parks. 

Benefits children bring to elders. 

When elders have parks to spend time with children, they report greater feelings of joy and friendship. Elders have specifically said that using parks for intergenerational activities boosts their self-esteem and confidence. When parks are accommodating for everyone in the community, elders are more likely to feel appreciated and valued. There is something about consistent family bonding that also positively affects elders’ memory and decision-making skills. Finally, elders have also reported that they believe they’re playing a part in encouraging the younger generations to make a difference in society by bonding so closely. 

Benefits elders bring to children.

Children also report more feelings of joy and friendship when they have parks to spend time with their elders. Their parents and elders serve as mentors, which can improve academic performance. Children also feel more loved and receive greater attention when they spend days at the park with the entire family; this can help improve self-esteem and confidence in children. On top of all this, children are far less likely to develop negative stereotypes about older generations when spending quality time with them. 

By providing parks that serve everyone, Columbia Valley will become more age-inclusive. With busy lives and differing schedules, it can be hard to find times to plan intergenerational activities. However, when neighborhood parks are close by, it becomes easier to plan family events. What better way to spend a warm summer day than playing and picnicking in your local neighborhood park with your entire family? Imagine too, a snowy winter day having a park you can walk to with kids who had school canceled. This can be a game changer for everyone when the community gets snowed in and driving is hazardous.

We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about the benefits that parks will bring to Columbia Valley. If you’d like to learn more about the intergenerational benefits of parks, feel free to visit the links below. The information from this blog post also comes from the links below. 

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